by Solan Rai

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It's worldwide
We're worldwide
Solan Rai
Lucid Thought, yeah

I have walked so many miles
Racing and I been pacing myself
Tryna get back to you
I gotta get back to you
Cause there is no one, no one
No one that can do what you do
You got me spinning, moving so fast
I'm dizzy and I'm feeling like any minute
I might lose it
Baby this love
It ain't no ordinary love
You got me moving earth with my head in the wind
Tryna get back to you
I gotta get back to you

Love is sacred it's born in the soul
As the Aether above, so below
Like the river of love unknown
It cannot be contained or controlled

Sometimes it feels like we're moving too fast
A day is a light year
With you
That's just how we do, yeah
And I will never
Put a finger
On what we are
But in the stars
Our love is written
I'm living every minute
Never giving up on any of it
Baby I'm committed to you
No one can do me like you do, yeah
And I will never leave you
I can't go a day without you
You got me underwater
Walking through the fire for you
And if you ever wonder how deeply I'm in love with you
Then baby just remember every word I've written for you
Cause they're all written for you

From a momentary travelling back in the bigger picture
Depicted in the purification when I'm witcha
Seldom does it come abundant
Making them other relationships seem redundant
Done did em all, but it didn’t compare to the various scary as hell
When I'm treading depths of emotion I fell
Under the spell, wondering well
No wonder these gentlemen were lining to get you

There she goes, she’s chosen this magnetism it’s an enigma
Fuck that stigma about impossibility
What’s we got is rare, is you feeling me?
No fear in me
Were the micro-cosmic
Reflecting the universe constant
Consciousness in this abyss is a must
It’s envisioning of us, whence this mission to bust

Because when we kiss, when we touch
I'm in love
I can't get enough, but it’s genuine
It’s too much
Lose control, combine two souls
Baby you know


released February 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Solan Rai Atlanta, Georgia

Dominating the spectrum between Soul and Hip-Hop, Solan Rai is a captivating lyricist with a profound feminine energy. This Atlanta-based artist is a creative powerhouse building an unstoppable movement - a movement she refers to as the Earthshakers movement. ... more

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